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Published: 22nd April 2009
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Today, building structures have become so innovative that ordinary propping equipment can no longer support the challenging techniques. If the architecture has become advanced, the propping equipment, shoring system and propping accessories have also come up to the mark. To meet the new challenges, many inventive types of propping equipments have surfaced lately.
Some of the advanced propping equipments are:
Tilt Props
For the tilt up slab construction, tilt propping equipments are used. The push pull prop can be used for high load applications. Both sections of the props are permanently tagged with model and working loads. Tilt up can be dangerous as the heavy ton panels are lifted by cranes. Here the safety measures are very crucial. The Tilt Propping equipments are used to support the whole process of the tilt up construction.
Acrow Props
The Acrow Props are very vital for any construction. Every building construction needs the Acrow Props for support. The Acrow Props offers the simplest and quickest method of temporary support and that is why it is necessary in every construction.
Titan Props
A Titan Prop is capable of supporting eight times the load for the same weight of its steel counterpart. Titan Props can be easily handled in discomfited locations and is suitable for tight and difficult access applications.
Multi Props
Multi props post shores are usually made of aluminium. They are considerably very light. A Mega prop 350, which can be extended from 1.95m to 3.50m, can weigh only 18.8 kg. The Multi Props are high load-bearing capacity.
Trishore Props
The Trishore Props have many advantages. They are able to support heavy loads at considerable height, fine adjustment by screw jacks, economical and great savings in labour and transport, Trishore Props in groups can support extremely heavy loads and have interchangeable sections. The Trishore features intermediate sections available in three different lengths, domed bearing plate for concentric loading, head adjustment that fits R.S.J bearers and quick action connector.
Slim Soldier
Slim Soldier is a heavy-duty support for vertical and raking shoring. It can be used for variety of civil engineering and building works. The Slim Soldier can support both large walls and precast units. The Slim Soldiers can convert into effective push pull prop with the standard adjustable jack units to the ends linked with suitable end connections.
Megashore Props
The Megashore Props are ultra heavy-duty modular propping system, which has been designed for axial loads of up to 1,000 KN (100 tonne). It is highly versatility and used in heavy lifting towers, bracing for excavations, support spines for tunnel formwork, shoring and trusses.

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